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4828 E. Florida Ave #F Hemet, CA.92544 (Salon Grooming)

We have been in the pet business for over twenty years. Pets R People 2 possesses extensive experience and knowledge of the animals we care for.

We groom all breeds and sizes of cats and dogs.

Regular grooming accomplishes much more than making your pet's coat look nice & shiny. Combing and brushing allows your pet's coat to remain healthy by keeping the skin stimulated and allowing its natural oils to circulate to the coat.

We use only organic shampoos and conditioners, because these products have been proven to be safer for your pet as well as the environment.

We check your pet for specific problems while grooming. Moving hair aside and closely examining the skin allows us to uncover signs of fleas, ticks or skin irritations, mats, tangles, dandruff, etc.

We will alert you if we see any signs of concern.
Less stress for your pet less hassle for you.
We give all the love and care your pet needs.

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